Install Max Access in Just 1 Minute

You’re 6 easy steps away from seriously upgrading your website’s accessibility!

(After you sign up for your free account you’ll be ready to install.)

Step 1 – Login

An email was sent to you with your temporary password.

Ability Login Screen

Step 2 – Select Your Domain/License 

Click on your domain name underneath the Max Access tab on the main Dashboard (if your domain wasn’t added it will display the words “Max Access” followed by a string of letters and numbers).

Ability Dashboard

Step 3 – Add Your Domain

Add your domain name in the Domain textbox if you haven’t already done so. Then click the Save button. 

Domain textbox in the Max Access General Tab

Step 4 – Get Your License Key

Optional, if needed: If you are installing the Max Access plugin on WordPress, you will need your license key. 


Copy the License Key number to input into the WordPress plugin (see WordPress specific instructions below for more details). 

License Key under the General Max Access tab

Step 5 – Copy Your Script

Select the Click to Copy button to copy the Max Access script.

The Click to Copy button to install the Max Access script

Step 6 – Install Your Script

Install the script in the <head> tag of your website, site-wide.

Please Note:

  • Once the code is triggered on your site, the Max Access AI will begin the process of discovering the pages of your site and analyzing the code. When that is complete, it will instantly begin remediating the compliance issues it finds on your website.
  • To verify you’ve installed Max Access correctly, view your website as a guest, then wait 1 minute, and refresh again. You should now see the accessibility icon (in the lower right hand of this page) that launches the toolbar.
  • Not all features are available if the install script is installed via Google Tag Manager.
  • Extended Remediation Reports may not display until 24 hours after the script is installed on your website.

If you need additional assistance you’re welcome to contact us.

Platform Specific Instructions

Click the logos below for step-by-step instructions for specific leading website and code management platforms.