Ensure Full WCAG Conformance with Max Access +Plus

Looking to reduce your legal risk beyond what an overlay solution can achieve on its own?

Consider Max Access +Plus.

Max Access alone is an incredibly powerful suite of tools that can substantially increase your website’s accessibility and reduce your legal risk in minutes. While an overlay is not a ‘magic bullet’ that can achieve 100% compliance for all websites, it’s a great way to increase your site’s accessibility and incorporate additional UI controls — especially for the many businesses experiencing time or resource constraints.

If you want the highest level of accessibility compliance, however, there is an affordable and comprehensive solution:

Max Access +Plus.

Max Access +Plus combines the efficiency of AI technology with the attention to detail of human-led auditing; as a hybrid solution, it provides AI-driven daily compliance scans and updates while also incorporating human-led auditing in order to maximize your accessibility compliance. 

Human-led auditing is essential: it is the only method that can determine 100% of the digital accessibility (WCAG) violations on a website.

With Max Access +Plus, you’ll not only receive a license for Max Access Pro — you’ll also get a comprehensive human-led audit by our expert auditing team, complete with a detailed report that outlines every single WCAG and Section 508 violation and includes recommended solutions for each violation. To top it off, our team provides all Max Access +Plus users with in-depth technical assistance in order to support your team’s remediation efforts. 

Max Access +Plus will increase your website’s accessibility and reduce your risk of a lawsuit more than any overlay can achieve alone.