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Our mission is to empower web developers and digital agencies to make every single website on the internet accessible.

According to the World Health Organization, at least 1 billion people in the world–15% of the world’s population–live with some form of disability. In spite of this, it is estimated that only 10% of websites are fully accessible in line with the WC3 Organization’s internationally accepted Web Content Accessibility Guidelines. Individuals living with one or more disabilities live full lives and make amazing contributions when they have access to the same services, places, and products that non-disabled individuals take for granted. Equal access to digital content, services, and documents is no different from equal access to physical places and in-person services, but in a lot of ways it can be easier to create!

At ABILITY, we work to ensure that your website is accessible to as many people as possible. We believe deeply in the potential of accessible web design to ensure equal access to all and to help our clients reach as wide an audience as possible without spending a lot of time or money.

The leader in digital accessibility.

Since 2014 ABILITY has been the leading innovator in digital accessibility, providing the highest quality tools for developers to make the internet accessible to everyone.

After years of constant innovation and development we bring you the most elegant and robust solution for digital accessibility.

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Ability Empowers Digital Builders for Inclusivity

In the ever-evolving digital landscape, Ability stands as a beacon of empowerment, dedicated to revolutionizing the way web developers and designers shape the online world. Rooted in the belief that the internet should be a space for all, Ability is committed to providing cutting-edge tools and solutions that empower creators to build a more accessible and equitable digital environment.

Mission and Vision

At the core of Ability’s mission is a commitment to inclusivity. We envision a digital world where every website and application is a welcoming space for users of all abilities. Our tools aim to bridge gaps, creating a harmonious online experience that transcends barriers.

Empowering Digital Creators

Ability recognizes the pivotal role web developers and designers play in shaping the online experience. Our suite of solutions is crafted to empower these creators with the tools they need to embed accessibility seamlessly into their projects. From innovative design features to robust development tools, Ability provides the building blocks for a more inclusive web.

Leading the Accessibility Revolution

As pioneers in digital accessibility, Ability stays ahead of the curve, offering solutions that anticipate the needs of a diverse user base. By fostering an understanding of accessibility best practices and providing user-friendly resources, we equip digital builders to lead the charge in creating a digital landscape that leaves no one behind.

Innovation and Collaboration

Driven by a spirit of innovation, Ability actively collaborates with web developers, designers, and digital agencies. Through partnerships and community engagement, we strive to foster a collective effort toward building a more accessible internet.

Digital Equality Advocates

Beyond technology, Ability is an advocate for digital equality. We believe that the online world should reflect the diversity of its users. By empowering web developers and designers, we contribute to a more equitable digital space, where everyone has equal access to information and opportunities.

Join Ability in Shaping the Future

Whether you’re a seasoned web developer, a visionary designer, or part of a digital agency, Ability invites you to join us in the journey toward a more accessible and equitable online world. Together we build, innovate, and lead the charge for digital inclusivity. 🌐 #AbilityForAll #DigitalAccessibility #MaxAccess #A11y #InclusionInAction

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