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Max Access Scans and Automotically Fixes Your Accessibility Compliance Issues

Max Access works with any website platform or CMS. Once you set up Max Access on your website (with just one line of code), it immediately scans your site, analyzes it for compliance issues, and automatically fixes many of the issues it finds. Max Access will scan and remediate new content on your site every 24 hours. 

This means you can get your website accessible in minutes and it will stay accessible even as you add new content.

Max Access features 3 core components. The AI, the Toolbar, and the Dashboard & Reports. These 3 core components work together to provide the most complete AI-driven accessibility solution available.

The AI

Our Artificial Intelligence (AI) is capable of accurately identifying and fixing many web design flaws that create problems in a site’s accessibility. Machine learning means that Max Access incorporates new information with every website it scans, improving its database, its analytical processes, and its remediation strategies.

Image Recognition and OCR

Max Access scans all the images on your site. If your images lack alt tags our AI will create alt tags that describe what the images show. If your images have embedded text, our AI will read the text and include that in your images’ alt tags.

Maintaining 24/7 Accessibility with Daily Scans and Analysis

Max Access rescans your entire website every day looking for new content. New articles, blog posts, pages, images, or forms will be scanned and remediated within 24 hours of being published.

The Toolbar

The mobile responsive toolbar is simple and elegant. It’s tab navigable, screen reader friendly, and, best of all, uncomplicated: a streamlined way to provide an accessible experience to everyone who visits your website.

Visitors can change the font, increase the text size, and turn on high contrast settings to ensure they can easily engage with your content. The toolbar also allows visually impaired users to use text-to-speech even without starting up a screen reader.

Additional Site Enhancements

Max Access provides additional accessibility site enhancement options like customizable focus indicators, and automatic email and phone number formatting for screen readers.

Users’ preferred accessibility options are saved in their browser and automatically loaded when they return to your site or navigate to any other site using Max Access.

The Dashboard & Reports

The Dashboard is a central place to monitor your website’s compliance and get alerts to other accessibility issues, like third-party content, needing further attention for compliance. Every week you’ll get a complete set of updated reports.

Advanced Controls

The Dashboard includes a range of other tools to let you directly control different aspects of your website’s accessibility and manage data compiled or produced by the AI, including Alt tag and ARIA labels. Though Max Access is a fully automated service, we give you the power to override many features of the service. Overriding features is optional, but can give your internal IT or accessibility team more advanced control.

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