Installing Max Access on WordPress Even Faster

While installing Max Access is a straightforward and easy process no matter what type of website you have, the specific steps can vary depending on which web hosting platform you use. To help guide users through the installation process, we provide step-by-step instructions for several main web hosting platforms. 

But for WordPress users in particular, there’s an even faster way to get Max Access up and running on your site: download the Accessibility Toolbar plugin.

The Accessibility Toolbar plugin will do all the initial setup for you — simply activate it, add your license key, and enable the plugin itself. By using the plugin, you won’t have to worry about copying an installation script and figuring out where to place it! 

Detailed instructions on how to download the plugin, apply your license key, and enable Max Access on your WordPress site will automatically pop up after you sign up for an account or free trial. You can also view them by clicking here

After you activate the plugin, Max Access will immediately start scanning and remediating accessibility issues on your website — and that means you’ll be offering your site visitors a more accessible experience as fast as possible. 

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