Moving Max Access to a New Domain

Max Access has the ability to analyze an unlimited number of pages on a website. While users choose their Max Access plan based on the size of their website (prompted when adding a card to the account), users cannot apply the same license to multiple websites. 

You can, however, move a Max Access license from one website to another — and it’s a quick and easy swap. Here’s how:

Where to Change Domains

To change the website that’s using Max Access, start by logging in and navigating to your Max Access dashboard. Under the General tab — which should automatically be the tab that is shown upon page load — the first option available for users  is to set their domain. 

Setting Your New Domain

The currently active website will be shown in the text box area, also highlighted in yellow. To change the domain, you can either select one of your previously used or registered domains from the drop down options or you can simply click on the box itself and type the URL of the new domain you’re switching to. 

Once you’ve input the new domain, click the Save button underneath. Your new domain is now active! From there, you’ll have to re-install the Max Access code script on your new website. Platform-specific setup instructions can be found here

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