Installing Max Access on Your Website

Installing code onto your website can sound like an intimidating and difficult process — you might assume that you have to be a programmer to do it properly, or at least have one help you out. But you don’t! 

Max Access will work on any website and installing it is a straightforward and easy process. We even offer step-by-step instructions to help guide you through it, which means you don’t need to be a coding wizard to provide your site visitors with a more accessible experience

Initial instructions automatically pop up after you sign up for a Max Access account or trial, and are the same no matter what hosting platform your website is on. These simple 3-step instructionswhich you can view here — detail how to login to your account and navigate the dashboard in order to find your license key and the Max Access installation script. 

Once you’ve copied your script, you’ll need to place it on your website. How to do that depends on the hosting platform you use, so we made specific instructions on how to install Max Access onto several main web hosting platforms, including:

By following these installation instructions, you’ll have Max Access up and running in no time — and that means giving your users an inclusive and accessible experience that much faster. Once installed, Max Access will automatically get to work scanning and remediating accessibility issues!

If you need further assistance or have questions, please contact us

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