How to Launch the Toolbar From a Link

Max Access has several different components that work together to boost your website’s accessibility, including the Accessibility Toolbar. As a front-end tool that site visitors can use to set their personal accessibility settings, it’s a great feature for any company to incorporate into their website and offer essential accessibility support. 

The toolbar is usually opened by clicking on or navigating to the floating icon on the screen — but for companies that have strict branding guidelines, having a floating accessibility icon that follows users around on every webpage might not be what you’re looking for. 

The good news: 

You can offer your site visitors the Max Access accessibility toolbar without having to put the floating icon on your website and instead launch it from a link.

Check out the simple, 4-step process below!

Step 1: Install Max Access onto your website — or navigate to a website that currently uses Max Access — and click on the URL at the top of the page. 

Step 2: Add ” /#maxaccess ” to the end of the URL, so the link reads: ” .” 

Step 3: Reload the page. The accessibility toolbar will automatically open for users to set their accessibility preferences. 

Step 4: To hide the floating icon on your website, go to the “Customize” tab on your Max Access dashboard and click the “Hide Toolbar Icon” toggle button — this will make sure that the toolbar can only be opened by using your new navigation link. 


You can create a link to “#maxaccess” in your navigation with a text link that says something like “Accessibility Options.” When someone clicks the link, Max Access will automatically open. 

Your html code would look like this: <a href=”#maxaccess”>Accessibility Options</a>. Try it here by clicking this link!

That’s all you need to do to open the toolbar from your website’s URL! It’s a super simple way to offer essential accessibility to your site users and stay on-brand at the same time — just make sure to include these instructions on your website so users know how to find the toolbar. 

Please note: If you want to use this method of providing accessibility options to your users instead of showing the floating icon on your website, we recommend having a visible link labeled “Accessibility” in your main navigation that is available on every page (like in your footer).