Accessing Supplemental WCAG Training

Max Access uses AI technology to identify and remediate a variety of accessibility issues. In addition to the immediate accessibility improvements that Max Access provides, the detailed reports included with Max Access Pro will identify any potential issues that require further review — and then it will go one step further: 

The detailed reports will provide issue descriptions, WCAG training, and remediation suggestions to help users fix any remaining issues. 

Keep in mind, some manual remediation is always required in order to make your website fully accessible no matter what accessibility solution you choose. 

The supplemental training offers valuable accessibility support, assisting Max Access users with improving their website’s accessibility even further. The training specifically outlines the WCAG success criteria, how they apply to web issues, and what Max Access users can do to resolve any accessibility issues.

To access the Max Access WCAG training, users can click a link in either of the two tabs in the detailed reports: 

UnderView By Page,” you can click the numbered WCAG success criterion at the top of each accessibility issue. This will automatically take you to the supplemental training page. 

UnderView By Issue,” clicking the article number will take you to the same training page. 

Once you’ve clicked on an article, you’ll be taken to the WCAG reference page. The reference page includes details about the guidelines broken down into the number, title, and descriptions of each criterion. Users will also find helpful tips for each success criterion that help explain what it means, where it applies, and how to apply them when fixing various accessibility issues. There are also links to other sources at the top of the reference page.

If you’d like to upgrade your account to include Max Access Pro, please contact us